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The company founder's daughter Maria Grosserichter retires, Frank J. Goebbels succeeds as managing director

Ascheberg, August 2021: With effect from 1 August 2021, the management team at JOKARI-Krampe GmbH has been restructured: Frank J. Goebbels joins the management, Maria Grosserichter, the daughter of the company founder Josef Krampe, retires. Frank J. Goebbels is now managing the company together with Andrea and Carsten Bünnigmann.

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Innovation in the processing of AS-Interface cables

Ascheberg, November 2020: Parallel cabling is out: In modern fieldbus communication, the AS-Interface cable for connecting actuators and sensors has established itself as the standard. Especially in industrial automation, conveyor technology and mechanical engineering, the yellow asymmetrical cable is used.



The new Super 4 Pro by JOKARI:

Ascheberg, February 2020: Rough and dirty working environments, such as those often found on construction sites or in new buildings, require robust tools that still deliver precise work results and have a long service life in these demanding areas of application. In order to provide professional customers from trade and industry with a real relief for these special applications, the stripping expert JOKARI has added a new stripping tool to his portfolio: the Super 4 Pro.



100% Made in Germany – made by JOKARI

Ascheberg, January 15, 2020: For the stripping specialist JOKARI, the year 2020 starts true to the motto "100% Made in Germany - made by JOKARI". In a broad-based campaign, the traditional family-owned company wants to show that this is not just an auspicious sounding marketing claim, but reality lived in all areas.



JOKARI provides an update for the proven wire stripper Secura 2K

The new two-finger adjustment mechanism enables the cutting depth to be adapated for different isolation materials.



New Quadro Plus: „Multi-talent is based on professional wishes in control engineering“

With Quadro Plus JOKARI has redeveloped the TÜV- and GS-certified premium product Quadro and introduced a crimp endpoint control based on ratchet technique with forced barrier.



Efficient wire stripping solutions in safety engineering

JOKARI exhibited different solutions for safety engineering professionals at trade fair "Security" in Essen.



Secura No. 15 Stripper: Best in class equipped with four blades

JOKARI has re-developed its approved Secura No. 15 Stripper. The new equipment with four blades leads to significant advantages for users.



JOKARI: Length stop in 3D printing

JOKARI simplifies work for its customers once again. The length stops of different tools can be reprinted in 3D with free data.



JOKARI: E-Commerce-Innovation for clients and partners

JOKARI is frequently asked for e-commerce opportunities on The company has developed an interface to the shops of distributions partners to support clients.



JOKARI: In-socket wire stripper for more efficiency

JOKARI invented a new tool. The JOKARI XL in-socket wire stripper has been especially developed for working in plug sockets.



Joining the JOKARI family Introducing the Secura Coaxi No.1 stripper

JOKARI’s SECURA family welcomes its newest member: the Secura Coaxi No.1 joins its line-up. The classic JOKARI tool has been redesigned with additional functionality.

With the Secura Coaxi No.1, coaxial cables can be stripped in two easy and quick motions. The soft grip and new integrated scale makes for safe and comfortable work. The Secura Coaxi No. 1 strips the outer sheathing and the inner dielectric coat precisely without any damage to the wires or essential shielding.

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Thousands of cables just one click away JOKARI introduces its cable database

Which cable stripper to choose for stripping a special cable type like a professional? JOKARI’s cable database might know the answer. Its search function allows the user to enter a given cable type and the database will return the optimum tool within the blink of an eye. The beta version of the database goes live in April 2012 with many thousand types of cables.

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Pictures say more than a 1000 words JOKARI reinforces digital communication

JOKARI introduces QR codes on adverts, packaging, and marketing materials to show how JOKARI’s cable tools are used in practice. QR – short for “quick response” – allows the user to scan the barcode with a smartphone or tablet PC. The user is immediately directed to more information about the product, e.g. a video that shows the chosen tool in action. JOKARI is engaging with its customers and has added social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, for communicating with the users of its products.

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Feed Cables as if by Magic JOKARI introduces the new generation of the Super Stripper

When stripping round cables or conductors, JOKARI’s Super Stripper becomes an indispensable tool. Now, the market leader for cable stripping and de-insulating technology has introduced an even better version of the uncomplicated helper for working with cables in trade or industry – with even more safety and precision. An integrated cable duct allows for even more precise length-wise cuts, and the re-envisioned blade design improves section cuts. The non-slip grip with its new soft component offers a more secure and safe hold, and the new locking mechanism can be opened effortlessly with a single press of the thumb. The new generation of the Super Stripper will be launched at “light + building” – the world’s leading exhibition for light installations, electronics, household and building automation in Frankfurt from April 11th to 16th.

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Cable Stripping with One Turn of the Hand: JOKARI’s PC-CAT strips wires and cables

Heaps of tangled cables are a thing of the past: nowadays, data communication and network cables are cleverly hidden away behind decorative rails, under masonry, or under plaster. With the PC-CAT, JOKARI, the market leader for cable stripping and de-insulating technology from Ascheberg, has developed a tailor-made stripping tool for PVC-insulated data communication and network cables. The PC-CAT makes the quick and precise stripping of cables and wires effortless, without damaging the shielding in the cables.

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